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Effective Fire Protection System Design

Spirals number one and utmost priority is the protection of people and property from fire. When it comes to this it’s good to know that you have an excellent fire protection system in place.

Exceeding the utmost standards demands robust quality controls. With Spiral, our Quality System, will reassure you that you have the right system for your needs. What is more, with certification to design and install automatic sprinkler systems, you can be sure our standards meet all industry requirements.

With our designs adhering to British Standard Rules, we are approved to perform pre-calculated and full hydraulic calculations (FHC).

Operating with fully qualified engineers

To ensure you receive the quality service you expect, we train our engineers beyond LPCB standards and competencies to include essential construction design and management skills.

Working on major projects throughout Wales, our engineers are fully experienced in designing commercial sprinkler systems, water mist, wet and dry riser systems, hydrant systems, and domestic and residential sprinkler systems. So, whatever your needs, you can feel confident our employees have the knowledge to implement the most suitable solution.


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