Automatic Sprinkler Systems

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Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Sprinklers are simple devices that are individually operated by the heat from a fire. When a fire starts hot gases rise to the ceiling. If there is a sprinkler present, a glass bulb or solder link gets hot and at a specific temperature (typically 68°C) breaks, releasing a cap and allowing water to flow onto a diffuser.

The diffuser breaks up the water flow into cautiously controlled droplets which enters the fire plume and cool the burning material to below its ignition point, subsequently controlling the fire.

The sprinklers are linked to pipework, which is commonly filled with water that is supplied either from the water mains or locally held storage tank through a pump. When a sprinkler operates, the flow of water in the pipework triggers a flow switch which in turn sets off the alarm system. The flow of water is small, usually less than 1/100th of the water used by the Fire and Rescue Service.

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